What We Do

At Endue, we are always on the lookout for new pet products that can help enrich and/or secure the lives of our pet animals. But we do not ignore the owner’s side in the process. A pet product is only useful if the owners themselves find it to their liking.

Depending on what your needs are with respect to the pet product that you have in mind, as a prototype or ready for commercial production, we can aid you in a number of ways.

Product Testing

That said, we offer a range of services that meet every step of the conception, design and manufacturing curve of pet products. From carrying out extensive and rigorous tests to find the breaking point for securing or fastening type products to going over every minute detail of a product’s design to find weak points, we do it all at Endue.

As for chewable or edible pet products, we have developed a gamut of methods to evaluate their safety and/or nutritional attributes. And mind you, none of them involve direct testing on our pets. These are chemical procedures our members with scientific and veterinary know-how have helped create.

Feedback For Prototypes And Samples

For all the pet product creators out there, this service is simply too good to miss out on. Essentially what we do is take your product and put it through a series of evaluatory tests. In the first phase, we test for chemicals to find out if there is anything in your product that could be harmful to pets, humans or both.

Then we run the product through a whole host of checks to find out if it meets the objectives for which it was originally designed. And we document every step of it not just to see that we are following them as intended but also to help you understand the strength and weakness and therefore the marketing opportunities it opens up.

Finally, when we are done with the testing, we prepare a comprehensive assessment report that you can use as a boilerplate for any improvements, corrections and concept ideas for your future project or the one that you are currently working on. This is especially helpful when having to deal with multiple regulatory authorities like FDA or EU.