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Stay Clear Of These Substances In Pet Products

In the horde to attain that next big idea, big-time pet product manufacturers and designers tend to cut corners and therefore reduce the manufacturing cost of the product they are creating. As customers, it is up to you to ensure that you do not purchase any items for your pet that contains any of the following substances.

Heavy Metal Content

While cadmium and lead have been banned by the FDA, there are sadly some who still persist with these heavy metals for their products. Typically, lead, tin, and cadmium were used during early manufacturing years to produce the shine in their paintwork for products that had a plastic exterior.

However, these heavy metals through prolonged interaction with a pet toy, or other item tend to enter our system and that of our pets and produce health complications, many of which can be life-threatening. Therefore, ensure that the paint you use for a pet product is free of these metals.


Typically, phthalates are class of plasticizers or industrial chemicals that soften plastic so as to remove any brittleness in them. However, these are also equally brutal on the body of your pets. DEHP and phthalates can cause harm to a multitude of organs, prime among them being the lungs, kidneys and reproductive system.

They are especially harmful to female pets expecting to deliver babies soon. What they do is affect the development of the testes in babies. This is a fact reiterated in many animal studies that have observed the effect of these chemicals closely.

Saliva-Based Color Fastening

Not every shiny toy for your pet is safe for it, and this is all the more true with color fasteners. Certain color fastening agents only get activated when they come in contact with saliva. And depending on the nature of the chemical, it can cause a certain degree of harm when consumed over time.

Therefore, if you notice that your dog’s chew toy is releasing color then get rid of it immediately because otherwise, it will only create problems for you and your pet in times to come.