Participate With Us

Endue looks at pet products testing as a community affair. It is up to all of us to make sure that our pets receive the utmost care and that should reflect in the type of products we let them interact with. It is for this reason that our doors are always open to anyone who would like to be a part of this effort and make some money in the process.


And this is an invitation we extend to everyone who is directly or indirectly part of pets community or pet product industry. Depending on who you are, you can help in the following ways.




We are always looking for freelance writers, illustrators, and professionals from the pet and animal welfare industry who can partner with us in a variety of ways. While most of the members are volunteers, we do take up paid services from time to time for special testing solutions, web content and other needs.


You can also donate to our cause. We accept payments through Paypal and shall send you one of our custom made merchandise as a token of thanks for your contribution.


Pet Owners


If you own a pet then you know exactly how important it is to ensure that our lovable four-legged friends get the right kind of products for their nutrition, grooming, safety and every other aspect of their beautiful lives.


The most popular way to go is to volunteer as a product evaluation partner. You shall receive the appropriate training at our New Orleans office, following which you would be ready to begin receiving prototypes and samples. Apart from the general guidelines, the only other rule you need to follow is, to be honest and unbiased with your product assessments.


Product Designers


Most of the pet products we get for reviews are from part-time creators who have a certain passion for developing products for pets primarily because they are pet owners themselves. However, just because you have a passion to create doesn’t mean that your creations will work from the word go.


Therefore, we encourage you to use our services to learn more about your products, their applications and improvements so that your creations stand out not just for their unique appeal but also because they have practical utility.

Important: Please fill this form and send it across so that we can begin with the collaboration process.