Cold pup

Our Testing Process

Endeu is not set up like your conventional product testing center in that only a select group of evaluations take place at our testing center situated in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is where we perform a core group of screening tests prior to sending the product out to volunteer homes.

 The rest (and majority) of the evaluatory process actually takes place in homes. Here both the owner/volunteers and the pet participate in a process that can last between 1-4 weeks depending on the requirement. Our volunteers are trained to observe, assess and document any and all findings.

So, something as minute as the fabric of the fastener making the pet restless to the how well a pet responds to a certain type of food based product are examined and recorded. All this data is recorded and shared with us on a regular basis by the volunteers over chats, emails, and reports through the course of the evaluation process.  

Also, the stress tests after receiving the product from our volunteers are performed to evaluate consistency, material strength and post-stress performance parameters. This is the final step in our testing process following which we create an assessment report of your prototype, sample or product and hand it over to you via email or other cloud sharing platforms.