Learn To Store Your Dog and Cat Food Safely

We buy so much pet food every month but do we really give a thought to how well we store them. Proper storage of food items for your pets is important not just from a general standpoint but also from a nutritional one.

The one thing you should always avoid is transferring the contents from the original packaging into plastic storage containers or zip lock bags. This is because studies have shown that plastic tends to impart certain odors that can ruin the taste of the food for your pet.

If at all you need to store the food in a container, then ensure that you do so with the food contained in the original packing bag. Metal containers are considered safe for storing pet food as opposed to their plastic counterparts.

Any kind of dry pet food should be stored in a cool and dry environment. Packagings for pet food come with a fat barrier that ensures the original flavor of the food is retained. And when this food comes in contact with moisture and air, oxidation then leads to rancidity.

As for canned food, once opened it is best advised to store them in your refrigerator but not in the freezer section as that could change the texture of the food. With food in the bowl, it can be kept in the open so long as it is stored in a cool, dry place that is free of insects and other pests.