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About Us

The dictionary definition of Endue means to ‘invest in’ and that is exactly the quality with which we approach the subject of pet care and safety. We at Endue are pet owners and animal lovers first and foremost. And we believe that is what has made it so easy for us to carry out our work on a daily basis.

How It All Started

Like this great country of ours, the core values of Endeu were shaped through activism. Then, we were a group of like-minded people (and pet owners) who felt strongly about the subject of inhumane and out-of-date forms of animal testing.  

Our understanding, one that we still hold, is that these testing methods are cruel and absolutely unnecessary. From spreading the word to volunteering and partnering with non-profit organizations voicing their concerns against animal cruelty, we slowly got involved with a similar advocacy subject – pet product testing and safety.

However, this time around, we decided to take a less adversarial and more constructive route to realizing our goals. We partnered with a small group of pet product innovators to test their creations to assess how well they fared with the everyday rigors of human and pet life.

Thus started the life of Endeu Pet Testing.

What We Are Today

We are a non-profit organization consisting of independent pet owners across the country who like to contribute to the three-pronged cause of encouraging new pet product innovations, ensuring that these products are safe for owners and their pets alike and offering our services to spread the word about products that we like and found useful in our daily lives.

However, all of this is done keeping in mind the safety of our pets and we discontinue testing at the first sign of danger or discomfort to our pets. We also let the designers know and ask them that they fix the problem first if they want us to continue.

We also provide reviews, marketing and advertising solutions to designers and makers of pet products that have passed our tests and/or products that we find are safe and practically useful.